Detoxing The Mouth With Oil Pulling

I have been oil pulling for years. I do this while I’m getting ready in the morning and taking my shower etc. After having children, I struggled with cavities. I researched natural ways to keep bacteria out of my mouth and oil pulling seemed to be the answer. I haven’t had a cavity since I started this daily practice. I use organic coconut oil. Try to swish the oil for 2 or 3 minutes at first and then always spit this oil out in the trash because it is full of toxins and it will clog your pipes. Add more time to your oil pulling each day until you can handle 10 minutes or more of oil pulling. I’ve included a quick video from the Robyn Openshaw to give your more information on the benefits of oil pulling.

This is just another inexpensive way to detoxify the body and whiten your teeth naturally!

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