Healthy Sweet Potato Recipe

Here is a healthy gluten and dairy free recipe for a nutrient dense side dish at dinner.

Here is a great article from Dole about a few of the health benefits from sweet potatoes!

Could they be the next cauliflower?

Autumn is upon us, and at Dole we’re predicting the next hot food trend is sweet potatoes!  Frankly, we think they’re the next cauliflower! They’re just as versatile and can be used in almost any dish:  as a base in your Buddha bowl or sliced thin and used instead of bread for your signature avocado toast!  They’re hearty enough to use on a vegetarian sandwich, or as taco filling.  We’ve even experimented with them in pizza crust! Because they have more flavor than cauliflower, they can even be used in drinks, such as our Spicy Mary, to add texture, color and taste. 

1 cup baked sweet potato, with skin1 cup fresh cauliflower, chopped
Vitamin C39mg52mg
Vit A, RAE19220
Vitamin B6.6mg.2mg
Folate, DFE1261

As you can see, sweet potatoes have more calories, but they also have more fiber.  They are packed with other nutrients that you just won’t get with cauliflower, and since carbohydrates are an essential part of a diet (should make up 40-60% of calories); try incorporating sweet potatoes into your next meal.  They’re a complex carbohydrate, tasty and full of nutrition!    

Our other seasonal sweet potato favorites include:  Holiday Cobb Salad and Brussels Sprouts, Apple and Sweet Potato HashPublished November 1st 2019

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