Why Is Everyone Going Vegan?

I’m sure you know friends or family members who have recently gone vegan. Many people think this is just a new fad and they do not understand some of the health reasons behind deciding to go vegan. I have included a free documentary for those interested in learning more about this topic.

I encourage a plant based life style for my clients. I do eat organic eggs and wild organic fish and other proteins in my home, but protein is a small portion of my meal planning each week. The healthiest cultures around the world are those that eat a primarily plant based diet. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds seems to help all of my clients lose weight they have been struggling with and they also have new energy as their body heals from all the inflammation processed foods tend to promote.

If you want to look into this topic more and some of the reasons for moving to a plant based diet, I would suggest you watch this free documentary in the link below. We need reform in our food industry. Our food is filled with chemicals and toxins. Eating well needs to be a huge priority for our health and our families health!



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