Music For Better Health!

I just read a terrific article by Dr. David Eifrig Jr. He sited many benefits that have been linked to daily music listening for better overall health. I think we have all experienced an uplifting time at an exercise class, family event or concert when the music has really lifted our spirits. Here is Dr. Eifrig’s list of some of the many benefits we get from listening to music. I hope you will find time to listen to music you enjoy in the new year to continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Happy New Year!

Here are the top 10 benefits to listening to music:

1. Improves mood
2. Boosts your creativity
3. Boosts immune function
4. Increases exercise stamina
5. Improves spatial reasoning
6. Aides with guided meditations
7. Improves learning and test taking
8. Improves recovery for stroke victims
9. Reduces chronic pain and pain after surgery
10. And most recently discovered, it helps you recover from a heart attack…

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