How To Get More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Daily Diet

I always promote a very plant based diet to all of my clients. Fruits and vegetables are the building blocks your body needs to stay healthy. Processed foods are the source of so many health issues in our culture right now. If you are feeling overwhelmed by finding ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals, take a look at Dole’s sample day for a person trying to consume up to 10 servings of produce a day.

I start my day with a smoothie. I usually get about 3 servings of veggies and fruit in the smoothie.  I add fruit to my yogurt or oatmeal. I always suggest clients pack veggies ready to snack on at work with celery, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and more. Fill your dinner plate with colorful vegetables. Roast or grill veggies early in the week that you can add to rice or pasta dishes or serve in omelets as the weekdays are usually so busy for most of us. Stir fry the vegetables that look like they are going to spoil and add them to some rice with a protein for a healthy dinner before you shop again at the store!

Here is Dole’s sample day-

Fitting this much produce into your menu may seem challenging, but it adds up quickly if you include some color at every meal.

Breakfast: Top oatmeal with one medium banana (118 grams) and half a cup of strawberries (72 grams).

Snack: Cut a medium carrot into sticks (61 grams) and dip into hummus.

Lunch: Make a salad with three cups of spring mix (85 grams), half a cup of tomatoes (75 grams) and your favorite toppings.

Snack: Have a medium apple (182 grams) with almond butter.

Dinner: Bake a sweet potato (133 grams) and serve with a cup of roasted broccoli (91 grams) and salmon.

Total: 817 grams of produce

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