The Many Benefits Of Bananas!

My family loves bananas. They are so affordable at Costco and Sam’s club. Even the organic bananas are usually less than $2 a bunch at these warehouse type stores. We enjoy bananas in our smoothies each morning. They help to sweeten up the vegetables in our morning smoothies! We snack on they at lunch with a nut or sunflower seed butter and we make a healthy banana whip plant based ice cream or “milk” shake many nights for dessert. Bananas are such an affordable way to stay healthy. The article below contains more of the nutritional information about bananas along with some really terrific recipes.

Bananas are also a really easy fruit to freeze for later use. When you see that your bananas are getting brown and spotted, wash and peel them. Cut the bananas in chunks and freeze them for smoothies and yummy whipped desserts. Frozen bananas seem to improve almost any smoothie I make at home. Stay healthy and positive!

Using less coconut milk in this recipe changes this recipe to banana ice cream too!
We make a recipe like this one for our treat desserts in my home!

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