Stay Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a difficult time for many people as we stay home and practice social distancing. I hope you are using this time to learn how to cook new healthy recipes and catch up on things you’ve always wanted to do around your home. I would recommend these healthy tips and the list below from the folks at Food Revolution Network. Stay positive, breath deep and be grateful for each day!

A few tips for staying healthy and sane at home-

1. Get good quality sleep

2. Drink lots of clean water

3. Keep sugar and processed foods to a minimum (there is time to cook) 🙂

4. Be productive in your free time to feel good- clean the house, wash the car, walk the dog etc. Feel good about the extra time at home

5. Try to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day

6. Take vitamin C and zinc to boost the immune system

7. Stay connected to family and friends through phone calls, Skype, Zoom, text messaging. Check in on each other.

8. Stay positive and breath deep

12 Coronavirus Tips & Resources to Bookmark Right Now

1. How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus: Supporting Your Immune System When You May Need It Most

Food Revolution Summit speaker Mark Hyman, MD, discusses what we know so far about COVID-19, testing and treatments, and how you can help “flatten the curve.” He also shares coronavirus prevention tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, emphasizing the power of food to help you optimize your health.

2. Coronavirus Tips from the Centers for Disease Control

Avoid hearsay and get coronavirus tips, facts, and the latest updates from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You’ll find information for individuals, communities, and healthcare professionals on what’s being done and what the latest science says you should do.

3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker

See the latest statistics on the outbreak from the CDC, WHO, and John Hopkins University all in one place and compiled by data infrastructure company, Enigma. All updated in real time. Warning: Checking this frequently can be scary. But if you want a lot of current information, all in one place, this is the dashboard for you.

4. Food Revolution Network Blog

Our blog has thousands of articles, recipes, and other resources that can help provide you with the guidance you may be looking for on a specific subject. Recipes, too! Make use of the search bar to explore resources on topics of interest.

5. Pantry Foods to Have On Hand

If you’re concerned about possible food shortages, this is a list of highly nutritious foods you can obtain in quantity, store easily, and that will stay fresh for long periods of time. Having the security of an exceedingly well-stocked pantry full of healthy foods can reduce stress — and greatly reduce (or even eliminate for a period of time) the need to go grocery shopping.

6. Food Documentaries to Watch at Home

If you’re self-quarantining or practicing physical distancing, you may have the urge to turn on the television. Limit your exposure to the news or too much Netflix binge-watching, and instead get informed, inspired and empowered by these plant-based food documentaries.

7. How to Optimize Your Immunity

Discover some of the best foods to optimize your immune system and which supplements you might want to consider taking.

8. How to Get Started Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food may be one of the most powerful steps you can take for your health — and the health of your family and the planet. This article can help.

9. How to Store Produce

This article covers the dos and don’ts of how to store fresh fruit and vegetables in your home. Get maximum nutrition and delicious bang for your produce bucks.

10. How to Wash Fruits and Vegetables

Discover what science says about the best way to wash your produce to remove pesticides and pathogens.

11. Get a Good Water Filter

Clean, safe drinking water is important. And this is a great time to break free from any dependence you might have on bottled water.

12. Get a Good Air Filter

If you’re spending more time indoors, this is a great time to make sure your indoor air is as clean as possible. Here’s what you need to know about indoor air.

Tell us in the comments:

  • How are you responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What strategies are you implementing to optimize your health?
  • What do you think of these coronavirus tips and resources?

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