Healthy Homemade Gifts

The Dole company just posted some great recipes for fun homemade holiday gifts to make. If you love DYI gifts, take a look at the links below for some inspiration this holiday season.


Calling all D-I-Y ers!  Whether you’re planning to give only-homemade gifts or if you’re caught last minute and don’t want to turn up empty handed.  We have a few suggestions that can be whipped up with simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. 

Why we love it:  It’s a one pan recipe that goes far!  It makes 5 gift jars that can be used for snacking or as a topper on top of low fat yogurt.  It also includes whole grain oats, famous for their soluble fiber.  They’re also an excellent source of iron and have plenty of B vitamins, which help convert food to energy! 

Why we love it:  It’s a three ingredient wonder!  With a little time, you can have 12 beautiful and edible gifts, perfect for teachers at school or everyone at the office.  Once they’re dried and decorated, slip into little cello bags and top off with festive ribbon to impress!  Bonus- research has shown pineapple to have anti-inflammatory properties!

Why we love it:  This is a Mason jar gift that will leave the recipient with the warm and fuzzies all winter long!  It’s a snap to put together; you’ll spend the most time on writing up the recipe card! 

And if you have absolutely no time, still give a yummy food gift with Royal Hawaiian® Tropical Gold Pineapples® straight from Hawaii!  You may also find other goodies such as our Waialua Estate Extra Dark Chocolate or coffee!  From our Dole family to yours, Happy Holidays! 

Published December 1st 2019

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