Helpful Information About Probiotics

Many of my clients ask me about probiotics. More studies are done each year revealing more about the gut and our microbiome. Many doctors think that much of our immune system in located and functioning through our digestive system. I highly recommend taking a probiotic daily. I also recommend eating a diet full of plants that will set the stage for those probiotics to work well.

If you have had to take antibiotics in the past, it is very important to restore your body with probiotics.

Here are two helpful articles by the Global Healing Center that explains some of the benefits of probiotics and which probiotics to use for various health issues. In this article you will learn facts that will help you take care of your gastrointestinal tract that harbors more than 500 different bacterial species!

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  • andrea smith

    i have been looking to buy a GOOD probiotic and then you send this out!! PERFECT timing~~ thanks and see you monday!!

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