Something To Be Thankful For!

Here is a new study to be thankful for!An Australian study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that eating eight servings of fruits and vegetables daily may boost life satisfaction. Life is short and we want to spend it in a good mood. Here is a simple example of how to get those eight servings in one day.


  • Breakfast: One banana and eight strawberries
  • Snack: One carrot and one celery stalk
  • Lunch: Two cups salad greens with one cup raw vegetables
  • Snack: Cup of grapes
  • Dinner: One sweet potato and a cup of steamed broccoli

I put two cups of veggies and fruit in a smoothie each morning to get started on a healthy note. This Thanksgiving day, try to fill your plate with the simple plant based dishes and keep the heavy and sweet treats to a minimum. Happy Thanksgiving!

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