Healthy Tips for the Holidays

The last two months of the year can be very challenging for many of us. The weight gained between now and the New Year could take months to work off. For each 3,500 excess calories consumed (over your regular daily needs), your body could store 1 pound of body fat. Many of us might easily get this calorie excess on Thanksgiving day alone!


A few of my holiday tips for staying healthy this season-

  1. Get enough sleep each day. When we are tired, we overeat for more energy. Our body is telling us we need more energy, so we crave sugar, caffeine and quick sources of energy.
  2. Make sure to drink water. Holiday beverages are full of empty calories and sugar. Eggnog is very high in calories and fat!
  3. Stock your fridge with fresh vegetables. Have washed cucumbers, celery and other low calorie snacks ready to eat on the go during this busy time of year.
  4. Keep unhealthy food out of sight. Have fresh fruit on the counter. We are more likely to eat items that are easy to access. Keep the low calorie, unprocessed foods in sight so they are what you reach for.
  5. Try to limit sweets at parties and at the office coffee area. Have one small treat and then eat a bowl of fruit that will fill you up or go for the plant based foods at the parties that you know will fill you and give you energy.
  6. Limit alcoholic beverages. Excessive drinking at the holidays is one of the easiest ways to gain weight. Keep the holiday cheers to a healthy minimum.
  7. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at this busy time of year, make time for an exercise class or a walk outside. Try to take time to recharge and work off some of those holiday meals!

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