Dairy-Free Sources For Calcium

“For the 65% of Americans affected by lactose intolerance, symptoms can appear anywhere from immediately after eating dairy products to three hours later, when digestion has begun. Some people may even feel the effects of lactose intolerance days after eating the problem food.”


It can be challenging to get enough calcium in your diet if you have to eat a dairy free diet. Here is a short list of foods that are good sources of calcium. It is important to eat a varied diet so that you are not always eating foods that inhibit the absorption of calcium. Foods such as spinach are high in oxalic acid. Foods high in oxalic acid may inhibit calcium absorption.

“While many people are plagued with lactose intolerance, it is still important to reach calcium goals in order to maintain muscle growth and brain health. Among other vegetables, collard greens are one of the best sources of calcium, with over 268 milligrams in one cooked cup. Another dairy-free favorite, almonds, are another top source of calcium, along with important dietary fiber and magnesium to aid in digestion. broccoli and kale are great source of calcium, with over 180 milligrams per cup of broccoli and about half of that value for the same amount of kale.”



Dr. Eifrig’s suggested list is below too.

Calcium in Common Foods
Calcium (mg)
% Daily Value
1 ounce
75 mg
1 cup
112 mg
Collard greens, cooked
1 cup
268 mg
Silk Soymilk, original
1 cup
299 mg
Minute Maid Orange Juice
1 cup
350 mg
3.75 oz can
351 mg
Yogurt, low-fat
1 cup
448 mg