Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

Spring time can be very challenging for those of us with seasonal allergies. My family struggles with both food and environmental allergies. I want to share what my family has been doing for years now to avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Before taking any supplements make sure to cover the basics for healthy living and discuss your plan with your doctor.

  • Drink plenty of clean water
  • Get enough sleep at night to feel rested. You will be drowsy when your allergies are aggravated. You don’t want to make things worse!
  • Eat a clean diet that is full of fruits and vegetables. Reverse the psychology of your plates. Make vegetables the highlight and proteins and complex carbs the sides. This gives your immune system a boast.
  • Be patient taking a natural antihistamine. It takes a bit longer to get the relief you need, but there are no side effects.
  • Try to fill your diet with foods that do not promote inflammation.
  • My family takes D-Hist. During the high pollen season, we take 2 capsules 3 times a day until we feel relief and then we move to 1 or 2 capsules a day. D-hist has a chewable tablet for children too.
  • We try to buy local honey that is within 10 miles of our home to help our immune system with the local pollen.
  • D-Hist can be too expensive for some families. We have found similar relief using this supplement called HistaBlock too.
  • We have used natural eye drops from Similasan
  • The last thing we do to help with allergies is use essential oils for the congestion and discomfort.
  • When shopping for essential oils, here is a good website to learn more.

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