Yoga For Scoliosis

If you struggle with scoliosis or know a friend or family member with this condition, please share this article from Dole with them.

“A new study suggests a yoga pose as a beneficial treatment for scoliosis.

For the study, researchers recruited 25 scoliosis (a condition in which the spine curves sideways) patients, ages 14 to 85 years from a private medical clinic in New York City. Doctors used x-rays to measure baseline spine curvature in all participants. Patients were then taught the side plank pose, or vasisthasana, which involves stacking one foot on the other; leaning one arm on the floor; and aligning the hips, shoulders, and arms while balancing on your side. Participants were instructed to perform the pose for 10 to 20 seconds daily for one week with their convex side facing downward in order to learn the pose. After the first week, patients were asked to hold the pose for as long as possible once daily.

After 6.8 months, x-rays indicated patients who held the pose daily – for anywhere from 50 seconds to four minutes – saw a 40.9% improvement in spine curvature, while those who practiced the pose only four days per week saw just 0.5% improvement. Results suggest this simple yoga pose could be effective in treating scoliosis. Doctors speculate the side plank pose strengthens back muscles along the convex side which might then strengthen the spine and reduce curvature.”

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