Mangoes For Your Metabolism

In Dole’s July newsletter there are multiple studies sited that help show some of the many benefits gained from eating mangoes daily. Mangoes bring down inflammation in the body while increasing metabolism.

“Polyphenols, which are phytochemicals, are good for you and protect your health. Texas A&M University looked at these properties in mangoes, and as a result, mangoes have even more claim to fame. In their studies, lean and obese individuals were given 400 grams of mango for six weeks. As a result, the lean individuals decreased their blood pressure while the obese subjects improved their hemoglobin A1c, ultimately lowering their risk of diabetes. In addition, gut bacteria was also positively affected by those who consumed 400 grams of mango pulp for six weeks in a separate study, yielding findings that indicate improved absorption and metabolism. This also led to discovering mango’s ability in reducing obesity-induced inflammation.”

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