Quick Tips For More Energy

We all have busy days. When we are tired, our bodies crave quick energy. Reaching for that soda, candy or sugary pastry seems like it would give us an energy boost, but we really set our bodies up for more exhaustion. I like this quick list of energy boosting tips without caffeine, from AFPA writer John White. Mr. White reminds us to exercise for energy, take a quick walk midday if you are able to get out for even ten minutes. We need to drink more water to stay hydrated. Some daily fatigue can be from dehydration. We should always try to eat more fruits and vegetables for energy. Sleep is so important for daily energy. Our culture undervalues sleep and its vital role for childhood and adult health. Starting our day with a healthy breakfast of protein and fruit will boost our energy for the morning. Here is Mr. White’s list of quick tips to gain energy without caffeine.


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